This week is a week of changes.

  • I am leaving my job of five years, having been retrenched.
  • I am farewelling my church of fourteen years with my family as well, having moved to New Hope Kellyville.

So, with extra time on my hands and a host of new ideas I’m feeling like a fresh start to my blogging presence as well. After all, I’ve been here eight years as well.

Moving forward I’ll be blogging as “Curious Christian” instead of “Glocal Christianity”. In due course I’ll be updating my feeds and facebook page but for now, just the blog.

6 thoughts on “Blogging now as Curious Christian

  1. Yep, it’s time for “The New Thing”, Matt! Hope has been a true theme word this year… Hope yooz can stop by for a roast lamb lunch on your way home from Kellyville happenings one Sunday now and then… lookn forward to hearing more of the new news… we are also launching into a new season!


  2. I’ve been following your blog for nearly the whole eight years (I think at least five). Keep it up man, your usually short-but-very-meaningful posts have inspired me many times. One day years ago I googled “Christian meditation” and you helped set me on a path toward a more contemplative spirituality, changing the course of my spiritual journey forever.


  3. Yeah, Matt, more than likely, there’s a lot of people thankful for your persistence with the blog.. some of them have even had the privilege of meeting up in real time and real places… meanwhile the blogosphere is a live space for communication… and much the better for your contributions 🙂


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