Imagining the Betrayal

Judas and Jesus

This is a sketch I cooked up myself this evening. I’ve been experimenting with an online drawing tool from This image was inspired by John 13:18-30 where Judas leaves to betray Jesus on the night before his crucifixion. It’s a bit rough in places but, well, I felt like publishing it anyway.

One thought on “Imagining the Betrayal

  1. There’s something visually “compelling” about the style, Matt. I hope you enjoy doing more of it. Some important messages need to be communicated in more creative ways. I think you’ve found one 🙂
    Then, of course,there’s art for art’s sake (e.g. random beauty)not just utilitarian value. However, a bit of creative propaganda for the betterment of the human race/natural environment is also worthwhile…


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