Jesus in tibetThis image of Jesus in Tibet is one of many exploring the Lost Years of Christ that you will find at

For those of you not familiar with the Lost Years of Christ, they refer to the “hidden” journeys of the young Jesus in Persia, India, Nepal, Tibet, and in some versions England and Japan as well, between his Temple visit at age twelve and his baptism by John at age thirty. Gaps in the Gospel provide much scope for speculation in esoteric cirles.

The images bring the legends to life. I find them visually appealing and thought provoking. So no criticism of the artist in that respect. But, well, what can I say? The flowing blond hair and hippie headband caps off my thoughts on its historical authenticity.

This is what happens when you accept all witnesses as equally authoritative. It is one thing to uncover commonalities and build bridges between Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. It is another thing altogether to engage in religious projection and wishful thinking.


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