David told of the death of absolom

You may have observed that I have started building a new Christian art gallery here at Curious Christian, focussing on the Warriors of the Bible, especially from the Judges and Kings period.

You will find it in my sidebar to the right. Just look for Christian Art | Warriors or click here.

Now you may wonder why I, as an Anabaptist, am drawing attention to art from around the world inspired by this part of scripture, focussed as it is on holy war. Isn’t holy war problematic for pacifist Christians? Well, yes. But no less than for just war Christians, if you care to think it through.

What you can expect though, is for me to look at the warriors of the Old Testament through a Jesus lens. And guess what? The pictures the Bible paints of these warriors isn’t always pretty. If you are looking for visual theology that glorifies war and warrior kings, maybe you need to look somewhere else. For even David, the shining star of this period, fell.

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