Advent Down Under

To kick of the season of Advent, here is a poem by a good friend, Lucy Jarasius. Lucy is a Christian with interests in dancing, ministry with Aboriginal Australians and social justice.

Adventist Dreaming

©Lucy Jarasius 2014


Iffhuwanah, Maid of Gondwana,

made of earth

dreaming darkly

waiting for light-shining, night-splitting Amor

capable of scaling the heights of blindness

the depths of acts heinous

– sheltering banality, root of carnality

searing pain, needling nerves, jaw-clenching on pain of death


deluded by delving doubters

digging deep holes in the heart

unwelcome windows into the dark

caverns yawning hopelessly

welling up with the weight of waiting

making light of redemptive possibility

Incarnation?  Don’t be silly!

Deity wouldn’t take that much of a shine to us

wouldn’t make that much of an effort for us

couldn’t give that much of a damn about us, soiled goods!


waiting, waiting, waiting… lying in wait, lies in the waiting

weighed down by the game of waiting… all lying, but no slumber

If only we could escape, sleep-scape free…

somnambulant eyes, roaming the hilltops from whence cometh our help

scanning the ridges for some light relief, some small spark of soterial reality

anything, really…

really ANYthing remotely resembling a doom-dispelling dawn, drawn from the dreaming

Light dreaming, dreaming of Light, flickering hope,

Is it here?  Is it there? Is it really nearly here?

just about there, just here, just there, justice everywhere…really? really!

Deity may yet take a shine to us

Make a massive effort for us

re-spark adam-nation through incarnation, maid of earth,

dirt-made, glory-shards through-shining lightly, reticently recognising the dawn of a new age

…rejecting “I CAN-descence”

for “the Light of the World” to embrace


Star-gazers, found him then, Maid of Gondwana

made of earth

treading lightly

waiting Light-seekers may yet reveal him again…

If you wanna…


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