Can you believe Curious Christian is Ten Years Old!

The Last Prayer of Jesus Christ by Adel Al-Abbasi
“The Last Prayer of Jesus Christ” by Adel Al-Abbasi

I can hardly believe it myself, but it’s true, the inaugural post for Curious Christian was launched on April 30, 2005.

Of course, it wan’t called Curious Christian back then, it went through a number of name changes before I settled on the current name. And in many ways these changes reflected my personal growth as a blogger and the the evolution of the blogosphere itself. Much has changed since the early days, before probloggers arrived and microblogging services like Facebook and Twitter changed everything.

But much has stayed the same as well. I am still passionate about engaging with world religions and new spiritual movements. I am still exploring new ways of being a Christian. I still love Christian art. And I am as committed as ever to following Jesus. And … I still think I’ll keep blogging for a bit more yet.

So thanks for reading and thanks especially for the friendships.

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