I have previously suggested that the Christological controversies of the past live on in modern politics, that many right-leaning Christians seem to have Docetic tendencies (emphasizing the divinity of Jesus at times to the neglect of his humanity), whilst many left leaning Christians seem to have Arian tendencies (emphasizing the humanity of Jesus at times to the neglect of his divinity).

I have additionally come to suspect this flows into how Christians view the work of Jesus,  consciously or unconsciously, with right-leaning Christians particularly emphasizing the priestly office of Jesus, and left-leaning Christians particularly emphasizing the prophetic office of Jesus. These differing tendencies seems to lurk behind many debates over the normativeness of Jesus for Christian ethics.

Ultimately we should be embracing a fully Chalcedonian view which affirms the full divinity and full humanity of Jesus, including his priestly, prophetic, and kingly offices, don’t you think?

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