The future of the Church in the West Doesn’t Lie in the Emerging Church Movement

I came across an interesting conversation on Prodigal Kiwi(s) entitled, The future of the Church in the West Doesn’t Lie in the Emerging Church Movement". See Pt I and Pt II. It was prompted by a sound bite from Mark Pierson and followed up with comments from Alan Hirsch amongst others. Alan said, "Thought I'dContinue reading “The future of the Church in the West Doesn’t Lie in the Emerging Church Movement”

Australian Emerging Missional Church Summit

Duncan Macleod has been blogging on the Australian Emerging Missional Church Summit held by the Forge network recently. He noted Mike’s antagonism toward “attractional” models of church and that alternative worship is often just tinkering with the standard model. I must say I’m right there with Mike on this. I think it is necessary toContinue reading “Australian Emerging Missional Church Summit”

American Youth and Religion

I was inspired by Amos Yong’s review of “Global Religious Movements in Regional Context” at Sacred Tribes Journal to look up one of the authors, Christian Smith. As a consequence I came across an interesting article about American Youth called Youth and Religion. It has interesting implications for youth ministers and Christians working with youthContinue reading “American Youth and Religion”

Community isn’t what it used to be

What are people reading to stimulate their thoughts about community? What blogs? What books? What research data? I have a confession. I’m back to square one on the community issue. One of my disappointments with the Emerging Church in its current liminal form is that it still strikes me as relatively insular. Granted, it’s moreContinue reading “Community isn’t what it used to be”

Faux unity

Lately I’ve been wondering if trying to educate mainstream Christians about contextualisation is a bit wrong headed. Besides the fact that it burns you out (I say this from experience), the reality is traditional-contemporary churches already are contextualized for their constituencies – the increasingly marginalized pool of modernists in western society. They don’t talk aboutContinue reading “Faux unity”

Digging deep – meditating on growth and unity

Feeling a bit down and drained this morning, I drove out to Lake Parramatta for some walking and reflection. It takes about an hour to do a circuit of the lake through the surrounding bushland and its an oasis of peace in an otherwise busy city. It’s becoming one of my favourite spots for aContinue reading “Digging deep – meditating on growth and unity”

McLaren on other religions

In his book, The Church on the Other Side, Brian McLaren writes: “One of the toughest challenges in the church on the other side will be to develop a new way of talking about – and with -other religions.” I would like to kick off this new site by inviting the emergent church to seriouslyContinue reading “McLaren on other religions”