Let’s talk about power

Christians, I think we need to have a talk about power, and in particular, the important distinction between domination and empowerment. Domination is power-taking, it works by crushing others down. The image that comes to mind is a black hole sun, that sucks up everything in its orbit. The second type is power-giving, especially to … Continue reading Let’s talk about power

A prayer for living the gospel

From the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council God of yesterday, today and tomorrow, we call to mind your presence within us and around us. Open our ears that we may hear your Word.Open our hearts that we may understand your Word.Open our mouths that we may speak your World. Inspire us with the Gospel message,that … Continue reading A prayer for living the gospel

Divinity and Gender in Christianity

I'd just like to float a few thoughts here related to divinity and gender in Christianity. Whilst I would affirm that God transcends gender, and assert such a view is completely biblical, based on texts like Genesis 1:27 and others, there's no denying that the bible uses masculine metaphors for God more often than feminine … Continue reading Divinity and Gender in Christianity

John Chrysostom on the living creation

I have been researching what the church fathers had to say on God's creation and God's creatures. Here are a few words from John Chrysostom (347 – 407): "The saints are exceedingly loving and gentle to mankind, and even to the beasts… Surely, we ought to show them great kindness and gentleness for many reasons, … Continue reading John Chrysostom on the living creation

On the Creation of the World (Victorinus)

Victorinus of Pettau was an Early Christian writer who flourished around 270 AD, and who was martyred during the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian around 303 or 304 AD. In his commentary, On the Creation of the World, he observes a number of fourfold correspondences in relation to the created order: “Now is manifested the reason … Continue reading On the Creation of the World (Victorinus)

Another Year

Another Year Another year is dawning!   Dear Master, let it be, In working or in waiting,   Another year with Thee. Another year of leaning   Upon Thy loving breast, Of ever-deepening trustfulness,   Of quiet, happy rest. Another year of mercies,   Of faithfulness and grace; Another year of gladness   In the shining of Thy face. Another year … Continue reading Another Year

Little Drummer Girl

While a lot of Christian art you may be familiar with features angels as white and male, Christian art does exist that features angels as black and female. Why not I say. Scripture never describes the skin colour of angels. Nor does it explicitly exclude the possibility of angels appearing in female form. Could the … Continue reading Little Drummer Girl