Am We Marxist Just Because We’re Anti-Racist?

You won’t find “racism” mentioned in the Bible. Such language arose far more recently. What you will find though is plenty of mention of “foreigners” and “gentiles” who dwell amongst you and how you should treat them. For example, in the book of Exodus we are told: “Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves knowContinue reading “Am We Marxist Just Because We’re Anti-Racist?”

Felt Needs vs Real Needs

The problem with adapting church to our felt needs is that our felt needs, our desires, can sometimes be precisely what stands in the way of our own transformation. We need to critically examine our felt needs in the light of scripture rather than presuming their sovereignty. Failure to do so often leaves us withContinue reading “Felt Needs vs Real Needs”

Churches fighting government over vaccine mandate?

This morning the Sydney Morning Herald reported on opposition to proof of vacination mandates by a number of church leaders including the Catholic Archbiship of Sydney and Anglican Archbiship of Sydney. I think this exposes some stark differences over how different people define “church”. If you define “church” in terms of community, as I andContinue reading “Churches fighting government over vaccine mandate?”

An old hymn for Resurrection Sunday

A brighter dawn is breaking Percy Dearmer (1867-1936) A brighter dawn is breaking,and earth with praise is waking;for thou, O King most highest,the power of death defiest; And thou hast come victorious,with risen body glorious,who now for ever livest,and life abundant givest. O free the world from blindness,and fill the world with kindness,give sinners resurrection,bringContinue reading “An old hymn for Resurrection Sunday”

A most Motherly Father

Although YHWH is never directly addressed as Mother in the Bible, YHWH is certainly presented as a most MOTHERLY Father on quite a few occasions (e.g. Isa 42:14, Isa 49:14–15, and Isa 66:12–13). We should never be misled into thinking God has anything less than the full complement of feminine and masculine attributes. After all,Continue reading “A most Motherly Father”

Journeying with the Magi

From the eastern mountains Godfrey Thring (1823-1903) From the eastern mountainspressing on they come,wise men in their wisdom,to his humble home;stirred by deep devotion,hasting from afar,ever journeying onward,guided by a star. There their Lord and Saviourmeek and lowly lay,wondrous light that led themonward on their way,ever now to lightennations from afar,as they journey homewardby thatContinue reading “Journeying with the Magi”

Calling the quarters for Advent

Hills of the North, Rejoice Charles Ernest Oakley (1832-1865) Hills of the North, rejoice,river and mountain-spring,hark to the advent voice;valley and lowland, sing.Christ comes in righteousness and love,he brings salvation from above. Isles of the Southern seas,sing to the listening earth,carry on every breezehope of a world’s new birth:In Christ shall all be made anew,hisContinue reading “Calling the quarters for Advent”

Let’s talk about power

Christians, I think we need to have a talk about power, and in particular, the important distinction between domination and empowerment. Domination is power-taking, it works by crushing others down. The image that comes to mind is a black hole sun, that sucks up everything in its orbit. The second type is power-giving, especially toContinue reading “Let’s talk about power”

Divinity and Gender in Christianity

I’d just like to float a few thoughts here related to divinity and gender in Christianity. Whilst I would affirm that God transcends gender, and assert such a view is completely biblical, based on texts like Genesis 1:27 and others, there’s no denying that the bible uses masculine metaphors for God more often than feminineContinue reading “Divinity and Gender in Christianity”