Indian Christianity and the Caste Challenge

Forgiving-father-frank-wesley-india In following the story of the anti-Christian persecutions in India I came across an interesting article by a Dalit activist, Udit Raj.  

The Hindu Right fears not conversions but equitable society

Has some interesting comments on the Hindu caste system. There's no question Christianity represents a challenge to it. The question is how we move forward. Is conversation possible?

Note: the image to the left is an interpretation of the Jesus story about the forgiving father, by Indian Christian artist Frank Wesley.

Taliban Kill Aid Worker For Spreading Christianity

Taliban terrorists have claimed responsibility for the killing of a Christian aid worker on Monday in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Co-workers said:

“She was killed violently while caring for the most forgotten people in the world; the poor and the disabled,” the statement said. “She herself would not regret taking the risk of working in Afghanistan. She was where she wanted to be — holding out a helping hand to those in need.”

A true witness to Christ

Becoming normal again

I loved this comment from Alex McManus:

One of the the first steps in effective evangelism is becoming normal again. Social again. Transparent again. Reaching people may be easier and scarier than we thought. Easier because we don’t need a budget, a building, a core team, or a seminary education. Scarier because there is nothing stopping you.

Church & Politics Quiz

Politics-and-religion Some of you might want to try this Church & Politics Quiz. I liked it better than most since it had more than one axis.

I scored "Quite Critic" with a tendancy toward "Radical Reformer".

The quiz says, "Quiet Critics steer away from a direct role for the church in politics, instead emphasizing the church's purity by maintaining a separation from the state. From this perspective, the church best shares the gospel by being an alternative community that models Christian love."

I think that's an accurate assessment. Bear in mind though, I draw a distinction between church and state on the one hand (which I think should be separated) and religion and politics on the other (which I think should not). So I am not sure if "quite" is the right word. I just see living the alternative, as a witness, as more important than signing up to any party or pressure group.

What results do you get?

Christmas pics with a difference

Madonna-santaI have decided to get in early and launch this years Christmas art collection.

In true Glocal Christianity style I am filtering out the cute and safe, and am instead going for the unusual and thought provoking.

In fact, I am trusting you will find some of these Christmas pics down right offensive. There is no doubt some of them trivialize Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.

So what's your response? I hope not a Laodicean luke warmness! I trust we can approach the corrosive commercialization of Christmas and Saint Nicholas with something more constructive and creative than that.

Oh, and if you come across any Christmas pictures you think are worth adding, just leave leave the URL in the comments or email in private.

Aboriginal Jesus Art


How about this find? I recently stumbled upon a video clip taken from the documentary, The Art of Healing featuring an Aboriginal woman talking about an aboriginal Jesus mural on the walls of the Saint Teresa church in the Australian outback. Intrigued by these tantilizing images I Googled … but found nothing. Nuts. Not to be deterred though, I dug deeper, coming across references to the Saint Teresa Aboriginal Community and the Keringke Aboriginal Arts Centre. There was more mention of murals depicting Jesus, Moses and Christian creation story images, but no pay dirt. So I dug deeper again and came across the artist Cait Wait. By this stage I couldn't let go. Finally, I found what I was looking for. To see the art project, click through to the Saint Teresa Church Murals. It's awesome.

And if you want to check out the rest of the aboriginal Jesus images I have collected over the years, click through to Aboriginal Christian Art. Its the best Aboriginal Christian art collection online anywhere, no exageration.

Postscript: it seems the Saint Teresa images are no longer fully available on Cait's site, but you can still view some of them here at Glocal Christianity, beginning from the tree of life image.

Crucified Women in Art

Female_christ Some weeks ago I promised to show you more of the female Christ images I have been collecting.

Well, true to that promise I have created a new gallery of Female Crucifixion Art where you'll find over 45 images of crucified women and female Christ's to browse through and ponder over. All very controversial of course. I don't find anywhere in the Bible where it insinuates Jesus was a woman.

But this sort of art is certainly becoming popular. A recent keyword search using Wordtracker revealed "woman crucified art" was searched 8166 times and "female crucifixion" was searched 4568 times. Compare that to "Christian art" which was searched a mere 180 times and "Christian music" which was searched 1125 times. Obviously some people are really hot for this stuff.

What is this interest saying do you think? Where do you think the interest may be coming from? What do you think the artists are trying to say through them? What emotions does it evoke? I'd love to hear.

If you want to link the gallery the URL is: