Faux unity

Lately I’ve been wondering if trying to educate mainstream Christians about contextualisation is a bit wrong headed. Besides the fact that it burns you out (I say this from experience), the reality is traditional-contemporary churches already are contextualized for their constituencies – the increasingly marginalized pool of modernists in western society. They don’t talk about … Continue reading Faux unity

New Spiritualities and Christian Myopia

I think part of the problem with discussing new spiritualities with Christian leaders is that the majority lack the breadth of experience and cognitive tools to perceive just how ubiquitous the influence of new spiritualities really are: Three common misconceptions many Christians buy into: That increasing secularism equates to decreasing interest in God That affirmation … Continue reading New Spiritualities and Christian Myopia

Wandering thoughts in prayer

When you tackle the subject of meditation and prayer, inevitably the issue of wandering thoughts comes up. It's helpful to note that even quite famous contemplatives struggled with this issue. Following is an extract from Brother Lawrence's, "Practicing the Presence of God". Eighth Letter: You tell me nothing new. You are not the only one … Continue reading Wandering thoughts in prayer

Discernment and Trance Phenomena

Anticipating that some evangelicals may be freaked out by any discussion on trance experience, or alternatively, have no idea what I am talking about, I though I'd draw your attention to an interesting article from John Court entitled Discerning between the Emotional, the Psychotic and the Spiritual Dr John Court was Professor of Psychology in … Continue reading Discernment and Trance Phenomena