Discernment and Trance Phenomena

Anticipating that some evangelicals may be freaked out by any discussion on trance experience, or alternatively, have no idea what I am talking about, I though I'd draw your attention to an interesting article from John Court entitled Discerning between the Emotional, the Psychotic and the Spiritual Dr John Court was Professor of Psychology in … Continue reading Discernment and Trance Phenomena

Love Trumps Karma

The Ooze has posted an interesting review of Love Trumps Karma by Karyn Henley, which kicks off with this Sri Lankan translation of John 1:1. In the beginning was the dhamma, And the dhamma was with God, And the dhamma was God… The true light that enlightens everyone. I want to buy it already.

Torture is never justifiable

From Amnesty International: 139 countries and several international criminal tribunals agree. In response to an article published in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald newspapers today, Amnesty International restates its view that torture is never justifiable. Amnesty International absolutely deplores any suggestion that torture or other ill-treatment is acceptable for any reason, or at … Continue reading Torture is never justifiable