Aboriginal Christianity

Our Mob, God’s Story Edited by Louise Sherman and Christobel Mattingley

Rainbow Spirit Theology by the Rainbow Spirit Elders.

Jesus and the Dreaming by Frank Fletcher

Anabaptist Christianity

The Anabaptist Vision by Harold Bender

Anabaptist Essentials by Palmer Becker

What is an Anabaptist Christian? by Palmer Becker

The Politics of Jesus by John Howard Yoder

Dissident Discipleship by David Augsburger

The Naked Anabaptist by Stuart Murray

Participating Witness by Anthony G Siegrist

Good News and Good Works by Ron Sider

The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne

The Myth of a Christian Nation by Greg Boyd

Mere Discipleship – Lee Camp

Celtic Christianity

The Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmicheal

Sounding the Seasons by Malcolm Guite

Forest Church

Forest Church by Bruce Stanley

Celebrating Planet Earth, edited by Denise Cush

The Shaken Path by Paul Cudby

Orthodox Christianity

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church by Vladimir Lossky