American Christian Bible Devotion

What is your response to this image? It kinda reminds me of Loki’s colour change when he first realised he was a Frost Giant in the first Thor movie, but I doubt that was the artist’s intent. Instead I gather it is expressing the experience of restoration through the Bible, but it seems a weeContinue reading “American Christian Bible Devotion”

America is NOT the new Israel

The biblical Israel is not just an example of a Godly nation. It is not one among many, such America or any other self-identified Christian nation might be lined up alongside it. Israel was unique. It was the particular agent through which God acted to free everyone and everything, which came to a climax inContinue reading “America is NOT the new Israel”

Jesus Christ Visits The Americas

  In case the Mesoamerican pyramid in the background doesn’t immediately give it away, this illustration by artist John Scott is not one you can expect to find mirrored in the New Testament. That’s because it comes from the Book of Mormon, a sacred text unique to Mormonism, or as it is also known, theContinue reading “Jesus Christ Visits The Americas”

Native American interpretation of the transfiguration of Jesus

Father John Giuliani is the founder of the Benedictine Grange, a small monastic community in Redding, where he nurtures a variety of ministries that flow from the contemplative life. In 2006 he was nominated for the Mother Theresa Award for his role as an American Religious Artist, especially in the field of Native American Spirituality. HisContinue reading “Native American interpretation of the transfiguration of Jesus”

Romans 13 and the American Revolutionary War

I find it interesting that conservative Christians, who love to quote Romans 13 at me whenever I question Christian nationalism, curiously overlook that America was itself formed as a nation in direct violation of Romans 13. In Romans 13 Paul prohibits the revolutionary overthrow of one’s government. What then are we to make of theContinue reading “Romans 13 and the American Revolutionary War”

Moses has been more important to American history than Jesus?

The Huffington Post makes the blunt suggestion that Moses has been more important to American History than Jesus. I am wondering what my American friends think of this? Cause, well, with the popularity of dispensationalist Christianity and manifest destiny over there, I gotta say, from this side of the pond the suggestion holds some resonance. So,Continue reading “Moses has been more important to American history than Jesus?”

American Youth and Religion

I was inspired by Amos Yong’s review of “Global Religious Movements in Regional Context” at Sacred Tribes Journal to look up one of the authors, Christian Smith. As a consequence I came across an interesting article about American Youth called Youth and Religion. It has interesting implications for youth ministers and Christians working with youthContinue reading “American Youth and Religion”