Balaam and his animal guide

Talk of animal guides is common enough in Pagan traditions, especially Shamanism, but not so much within Christianity or Judaism.  Nevertheless, the story of Balaam and his donkey, found within the Old Testament book of Numbers, provides a striking example of the will of the Creator being communicated to humanity through a creature. Perhaps there’s something weContinue reading “Balaam and his animal guide”

How many orders of angels were there?

I know some may consider this heretical but I have to wonder if the burning ones (seraphim), mighty ones (cherubim) and the living creatures (hayyot) referred to in the visionary experiences of the prophets are synonymous, not different ranks of angels (malakim) at all. Take for example Ezekial 10:15 where the living creatures and cherubimContinue reading “How many orders of angels were there?”

Antiphon for the Angels by Hildegard of Bingen

Antiphon for the Angels Spirited light! on the edge of the Presence your yearning burns in the secret darkness, O angels, insatiably into God’s gaze. Perversity could not touch your beauty; you are essential joy. But your lost companion, angel of the crooked wings – he sought the summit, shot down the depths of GodContinue reading “Antiphon for the Angels by Hildegard of Bingen”

The Art of Indifference

This image, by yiuokami, is called “In Difference”. The artist explains the symbolism as follows: The radiant angel Inspired by a text in the bible that says the devil will present himself as an angel of light. It can be interpreted as the manifestation of all that is wrong with the human subconscious, with false guidance thatContinue reading “The Art of Indifference”

St Michael the archangel as a samurai

Well here is an curious mix of traditions. I am not sure who the artist is but I believe the work is entitled “St Michael the archangel as a samurai.” Now, I would have thought if you were going to invoke samurai motifs a more asian looking dragon would not have gone astray. Except thatContinue reading “St Michael the archangel as a samurai”

Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism

Some interesting remarks by Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism in Eastern Europe: “What we are facing is an extreme form of apophaticism, in which God appears as the radically Other, the Stranger, irrevocably distant from humans.” “Contemporary culture is religious in the sense that it is looking for nothing other than Otherness itself.” “The angel represents theContinue reading “Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism”

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons

In the news yesterday: “The Italian Catholic church has refused to let a new movie based on a Dan Brown novel be filmed in churches in Rome after the author’s The Da Vinci Code novel and film outraged the Vatican.” Now the question of course is should the Vatican feel obliged to open its doorsContinue reading “Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons”