Anzac Day: Sacrilizing Violence?

Here is another article for consideration on the eve before Anzac Day: War, Sacrifice and Anzac Day: Shaping a Christian Response by Doug Hynd. “A consideration of how the language of Anzac Day sacralizes the violence of war. This paper explores the way war and sacrifice are remembered and justified through Anzac Day. It isContinue reading “Anzac Day: Sacrilizing Violence?”

ANZAC Commemorations and Christian Nonviolence

Every year at this time Australians and New Zealanders commemorate Anzac day. In Australia it is considered one of the most solemn and spiritual days of the year. Yet I often wonder, what sort of spirituality are we talking about? Beneath the surface trappings, how Christian is this civil religiosity? As a pacifist, as aContinue reading “ANZAC Commemorations and Christian Nonviolence”