St Michael the archangel as a samurai


Well here is an curious mix of traditions. I am not sure who the artist is but I believe the work is entitled “St Michael the archangel as a samurai.” Now, I would have thought if you were going to invoke samurai motifs a more asian looking dragon would not have gone astray. Except that Japanese dragons, like Chinese dragons, have somewhat different spiritual connotations to European dragons. So, well, I give up.

Korean Style Jesus

Woonbo Kim Ki-chang jesus stoningI figured since North and South Korea have the attention of the world this week I should stir the pot with some Korean Christian art.

This work, by Woonbo Kim Ki-chang, is entitled “A Woman caught in Adultery (Let he who is without sin cast the first stone).”

Let’s hope nobody casts the first nuke.

Chinese Christian Art: Arriving at Bethlehem

Chinese-christian-nativity-paintingAs we approach Christmas I find myself drawn once again to the way Christmas scenes have been depicted across different cultures.

This image, from an unknown Chinese artist, depicts Joseph and the heavily pregnant Mary arriving at Bethlehem, looking for some overnight accomodation but not having much luck.

I find myself reflecting, with the party season upon us, how many in the world struggle with hunger and homelessness, and how the Messiah come to identify with them first.