Land and biblical theology

An excerpt from Jesus and the Land by Gary M. Burge “Walter Brueggemann is correct when he suggests that land might be the central theme of biblical faith. “Biblical faith is the pursuit of historical belonging that includes a sense of destiny derived from such belonging.” And if this is so, he continues, land mightContinue reading “Land and biblical theology”

Fertility and Divinity

With the grass being so lush and green this Beltane, with all the heat and rain, I’ve been meditating on YHWH as the source of life and fertility. In the process I’ve stumbled across a critique of Karl Barth by Walter Brueggemann, where he suggests Barth overplayed his hand in depicting YHWH as god ofContinue reading “Fertility and Divinity”

Imagining as an act of worship

Last night stimulated some further reflections on the place of imagination within Christianity, and on how we can recover it where it has been forgotten, neglected or exiled. In the process I came across these words from Leland Ryken, in an article entitled, The Imagination as a Means of Grace. Ryken says: “In our Christian circlesContinue reading “Imagining as an act of worship”