Ben Witherington on Correcting Calvinism

The following extract comes from "The Problem with Evangelical Theology" by Ben Witherington III. This represents what he sees as the most problematic features of Calvinist Theology, which I have further highlighted in some areas for emphasis: Though the Reformers were not all equally indebted to Augustine, it seems clear that the indebtedness of Luther … Continue reading Ben Witherington on Correcting Calvinism

Burning Heretics

Humour aside, this is actually why I shy away from Calvinism and other 'magisterial' streams of Protestantism like Lutheranism, much as I respect them in other ways. Lacking a nonviolent ethic, there is nothing within their theologies that precludes the burning of heretics, as history has demonstrated. That the burning is more verbal than physical these … Continue reading Burning Heretics

Calvinist Romance

I came across this via TulipGirl and had to laugh. For the uninitiated, the TULIP in TulipGirl has nothing to do with flowers but everything to do with the five points of Calvinism: Total Depravity. Sin has affected all parts of man. The heart, emotions, will, mind, and body are all affected by sin. We are completely … Continue reading Calvinist Romance

Calvin and Icons

What are your thoughts on icons and Christian art? One of the things I want to do this year is more clearly articulate what incarnational Christianity is all about, and that means delving into this subject. With that in mind I thought I would draw your attention to two articles which explore common ground and … Continue reading Calvin and Icons