Beyond human-centred faith

I find the biggest difference with deeper greener styles of Christianity is their post-anthropocentrism. That is, they are not so human centred. Instead of limiting their spiritual focus to the relationship of God to humanity, or even more myopically, of God to the individual, a more expansive awareness is embraced. So not only is the relationship of God to the human considered but so … Continue reading Beyond human-centred faith

Ken Wilber inspired musings

Dan Danforth's comments have got me thinking about Ken Wilber's "all level, all quadrant" view of human consciousness and behaviour. And although I don't agree with Ken Wilbur on everything, and would assert that his "four quadrants" doesn't mesh with Plato's "the good, the beautiful and the true" nearly as cleanly as he suggests, nevertheless … Continue reading Ken Wilber inspired musings

Oh for God’s sake! Episcopal Priest Barbie?

Just when you'd thought Jesus junk could get no worse, along comes ... wait for it ... Episcopal Priest Barbie. I think I'm gonna slit my wrists now. And the piece de resistance? You can friend her on Facebook! Despite my better judgement I find myself pining for the Spanish Inquisition at this point. You … Continue reading Oh for God’s sake! Episcopal Priest Barbie?