Australian Jesus and the Christmas Sleigh

Another image by Reg Mombassa entitled, “Australian Jesus selects some presents from the Christmas tree.” I think one of the huge challenges for Christians at Christmas is that the average guy in the street has heard the Christmas stories but never really understood them. So there’s this familiar fluffiness. I am reminded of the ZenContinue reading “Australian Jesus and the Christmas Sleigh”

Religious Pluralism at Christmas Parties

You know, I think people are far more receptive to spiritual conversation than most of us Christians give them credit for. Over the Christmas holidays, Donna and I held a neighbourhood Christmas party for our street. For those new to this blog, my immediate neighbours include a Chinese Buddhist, a family of Indian Sikhs, numerousContinue reading “Religious Pluralism at Christmas Parties”

Christmas Meditations

Well, Christmas is almost upon us and Ive been turning my meditation practice towards some of the primary symbols of the Christmas story – the magi who followed the star and the shepherds who heard the call of angels. All to often we view these symbols from what is technically called a descending Christological perspective,Continue reading “Christmas Meditations”