Praise for the four elements

PRAISE FOR THE FOUR ELEMENTS  (light a candle) God, we thank you and give you praise for brother Fire.  We walk by Fire’s light. Even through darkened times and places, Fire illuminates each step along the path, Even when the distant view is unclear and in shadow.  Fire purifies us, burning away the cluttered underbrushContinue reading “Praise for the four elements”

An elemental prayer

I thought I would share this elemental prayer from Bulgarian philosopher, mystic, and esotericist Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: “Lord God almighty, creator of heaven and earth, I beg you to send me your four angels: The Angel of Earth, the Angel of Water, The Angel of Air, and the Angel of Fire, That your will mayContinue reading “An elemental prayer”

A Prayer of Thanks for the Four Elements

A Prayer of Thanks for the Four Elements (written by Talitha Arnold, with ideas from the Children of United Church of Santa Fe.) A Prayer for Air: We thank you, God, for the gift of air – For cool breezes and brisk winds that refresh us, For blue skies and crystal clear nights, For theContinue reading “A Prayer of Thanks for the Four Elements”

The four elements in the Temple veil

For some time I’ve been interested in the symbolic function of the Temple in Jerusalem and hints that the Temple functioned as a microcosm, that is, as the sacred cosmos in miniature. To date my interest has been in the implications for the interpretation of Genesis 1, the climax of the Gospel of Mark, andContinue reading “The four elements in the Temple veil”

Ecstatic Dance and Ritual Symbolism

Ever come across technoshamanism? Essentially its rave dance party meets neopagan ritual. Here’s an ecstatic spring equinox ritual from Hyperreal: “On …. we will celebrate “The Egg”, a technoshamanic ritual of visualization and energy raising. This event will combine the elemental symbolism of ritual magick with elements from the rave/dance subculture, itself a maligned andContinue reading “Ecstatic Dance and Ritual Symbolism”