Bible heroes weren’t all moral models

The problem with using the Old Testament stories as morality tales is that even the best of the patriarchs, judges, and kings had serious character flaws. The most obvious example is King David, who, despite his outstanding faith amongst the kings, nevertheless committed rape and murder. If anything these stories show us the pervasiveness ofContinue reading “Bible heroes weren’t all moral models”

You haven’t seen YHWH if you haven’t seen Yeshua

How many people actually understand God in a Christlike way? What’s your experience? In my experience many people often make one of two fundamental mistakes when speaking about God (YHWH) and Jesus (Yeshua). Firstly, many critics of Christianity assert the God of the Old Testament is irreconcilable with the Jesus of the New Testament. Then,Continue reading “You haven’t seen YHWH if you haven’t seen Yeshua”

The scope of Christian ethics

I am not quite sure how to put this, but I am wondering if Christian attempts to formulate ethics applicable to the whole of society don’t have a wee bit too much of a Christendom aroma about them. For example, one of the common objections to Christian pacifism is the question, “What if everyone didContinue reading “The scope of Christian ethics”

Is justice our only concern in Christian ethics?

It seems to me that, given mercy was so prominent in the teaching of Jesus, we have to say either justice is not the only important consideration in Christian ethics or ethics is not the only important consideration governing Christian action. Or to put this another way, restorative justice trumps retributive justice in any formContinue reading “Is justice our only concern in Christian ethics?”