Hate speech is not good news

The problem with Evangelicalism is that many Evangelicals aren’t evangelical enough. To paraphrase Bebbington, Evangelicalism stresses the euaggelion, the good news. It’s hallmark is a fourfold emphasis on the experience of the good news, the authority of the good news, the story of the good news and the practice of the good news. When theContinue reading “Hate speech is not good news”

Can Evangelicals Learn from Occult Traditions?

Several years ago, evangelical author Gerald McDermott wrote a superb book entitled, “Can Evangelicals Learn from World Religions?” The text explored the ways theologians of the likes of Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and John Calvin had historically engaged with Pagan philosophers of the likes of Plato and Aristotle and asked what a similar exercise might lookContinue reading “Can Evangelicals Learn from Occult Traditions?”

Drug Dealing for Jesus: Mexico’s Evangelical Narcos

This would seem to be the epitomy of a transformationless gospel: evangelical drug dealers. I kid you not. After recent conversations on war and peace I am thinking of doing a series around the topic of cheap grace. Instances of where conversion is claimed but the need for life conversion is denied in some way, shape orContinue reading “Drug Dealing for Jesus: Mexico’s Evangelical Narcos”

What is an evangelical Christian?

I have finished reading An Evangelical Manifesto and am pleased to say I found it refreshingly moderate. It positions evangelicalism between opposing Protestant tendencies towards liberal revisionism and conservative fundamentalism, has some very interesting things to say about the public square and engagement with other religions, and overall does a good job at clarifying evangelicalContinue reading “What is an evangelical Christian?”

The Evangelist

‘My brethren…’ And a bland, elastic smile Basks on the mobile features of Dissent. No hypocrite, you understand. The style Befits a church that’s based on sentiment. Solicitations of a swirling gown, The sudden vox humana, and the pause, The expert orchestration of a frown Derserve, no doubt, a murmur of applause. The tides ofContinue reading “The Evangelist”