Never mention Jesus, whatever you do

The other day I was re-reading Randall Neighbour’s snarky but all too accurate article on “anti-evangelism” strategies for Christians. The tip that resonated with me most was, “When interacting with friends, neighbors and co-workers, talk about your family, your job, the weather, your favorite sports team, the new restaurant you found or your increasing driveContinue reading “Never mention Jesus, whatever you do”

Flirty Fished at Mars Hill

I have an amusing tale to tell. I was having a coffee outside Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta Saturday night with fellow bloggers Paul Teusner (Fishers, Surfers and Casters) and Lindsay Cullen (Random Murmurings) when we were interrupted by a dozen girls dancing in not so fluffy Santa’s helper outfits. It was a warm enoughContinue reading “Flirty Fished at Mars Hill”

Evangelism: Is It Good News For You?

What are your thoughts on evangelism? We had some Christian friends over for dinner the other evening and over the course of the meal it was just this question that popped up. It started off as a conversation about schooling – the virtues of private vs public schooling and visa versa as we try toContinue reading “Evangelism: Is It Good News For You?”