Medical Healing and the Christian

I think it’s a sign of our times that, while I have seen many Christians commenting on the pros and cons of vaccination, I don’t think I’ve seen too many articulate their theology of medical healing for fellow Christians. Once again, much of our practice seems to be happening in a theological vacuum. It shouldn’tContinue reading “Medical Healing and the Christian”

Why I Feel Like Giving Up On Faith

Have you ever heard Atheists define faith this way: “I regard faith as religious belief which is held without evidence. If someone thinks that a bus will arrive on time per its schedule, then that person has trust or confidence, not faith.” It is a false dichotomy of course. One which many thoughtful Christians wouldContinue reading “Why I Feel Like Giving Up On Faith”

Reasonable Faith versus Blind Faith

“Trust is not ‘blind faith’. Trust comes over time, and is built up as people show that they can be relied on. And so, if we trust someone, we have some kind of evidence that they can be relied on. It’s no different with God. God has shown throughout history that He can be reliedContinue reading “Reasonable Faith versus Blind Faith”

Faith is not inconsequential

Faith is a much misunderstood subject. Over the holidays I was reading a book on inter-religious literacy which characterised Christianity as a doctrinaire path. But in the process what shone through for me was the (Buddhist) author’s unreflective equation of faith with doctrine. In other words, his inter-religious literacy was far from complete. Of course,Continue reading “Faith is not inconsequential”

Trusting God in Sadness

From the American Association of Christian Counsellors: “Depression sucks the life out of more people—including Christians—than any other emotional issue. Perhaps you know what it’s like not to want to get out of bed in the morning to face the day… Or, to be so lonely that your skin screams out for a caring touch…Continue reading “Trusting God in Sadness”

The Faith of Kim Beazley Senior

Mike Lowe recently commented: Matt, I'm intrigued. A few months back the memoirs of the late Kim Beazley Senior were published (Father of the House, Fremantle Press). Since then the book has had a number of major reviews in the Australian Book Review, the Australian Literary Review, Quadrant etc, almost all of which have majoredContinue reading “The Faith of Kim Beazley Senior”

Faith and Law

When talking about law versus faith, is Paul focussed on the relationship between Jews and Christians or between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians? Although the former is the more common interpretation I am inclined towards the latter. See for instance Romans 2:17 and Galatians 2:14-16 and 3:26-29. Which way you go on this? It hasContinue reading “Faith and Law”

Faith and Theology

I thought I’d quote myself from elsewhere: We are not saved by theology We are saved by Theos. Note: Theos (Θεός) is the Greek word for “God” used in the New Testament. Logos (λόγος) is the Greek word for “rational discourse”, “knowledge” and “study” amongst other things, and in English is the root word forContinue reading “Faith and Theology”