Who can tell me more about the Hindu festival of Holi?

I was wondering if anyone out there can enlighten me on the significance of the Hindu festival of Holi? From what I’ve read it seems to be celebrating (a) Krishna’s play with the cow-herding girls, (b) the slaying of the demoness Holika by Prahlad, a devotee of Vishnu, and (c) the arrival of spring. Is it aContinue reading “Who can tell me more about the Hindu festival of Holi?”

Easter in Parramatta

I received a press release from Parramatta City Council earlier today on some Easter news for western Sydney: Parramatta City Council has again thrown caution into the winds of political correctness, this time to celebrate Easter in the city. Following on from the very successful initiative in 2010 to celebrate Christmas and wish it’s residents aContinue reading “Easter in Parramatta”

Parramatta goes Indian

Well, I’ve been saying for years that the Pendle Hill / Parramatta area is fast becoming the Hindu epicentre of Australia, but if there were any lingering doubts to what I’ve been saying they should have been squashed over the last two weeks. Firstly, it has been announced that next November a new festival dubbedContinue reading “Parramatta goes Indian”

Deepavali in Australia

Apparently its Deepavali today. I have had my head buried in my computer, completing my counselling assignment on child sexual abuse, only coming up for air for some occasional blogging. But this evening our neighbours came and gave us some Indian sweets and other indescribable food that tasted nice and spicy and sweet. Food offerContinue reading “Deepavali in Australia”

Tony Jones Reports from Black Stump in Australia

I just spotted that Tony Jones uploaded a video onto Emergent Village from the Black Stump Festival that is currently underway down here in Sydney. It was curious in a way, overhearing the observations of others about us. Helpful too. Tony notes that Australia is very similar to America in many ways, except when we sayContinue reading “Tony Jones Reports from Black Stump in Australia”

Post mortem after the Blue Moon

In some ways last night’s Goth Under a Blue Moon Festival at Enmore reminded me a lot of my adolescent head banging days (and not just because of the spiked accessories some were wearing and the thrash metal music store situated at one end of the strip). It was the sense of communitas evident in alternatives andContinue reading “Post mortem after the Blue Moon”