Jesus of Nazareth: Lightning Thief

Who said theology needed to be dry? Last weekend I found myself in a conversation with my sons about the Greek gods and the ancient Christians. You see, my pre-teen sons are both into the Percy Jackson books and movies this year, and for the uninitiated Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, the GreekContinue reading “Jesus of Nazareth: Lightning Thief”

The Holy Trinity of Liam Neeson

Benjamin Wheatley sent me this image last night: “One Liam in Three Persons” by ninjaink The artist writes: “As a Catholic, and as a Christian in general, I’m often asked (or told) to explain the nature of the Trinity (one God in 3 Persons). It is a bit of a mystery that takes time and study toContinue reading “The Holy Trinity of Liam Neeson”

Footprints … with a Jedi spin

As you may know, Hallmark Card Christianity brings out my mischievous side. This Footprints poem vs Star Wars image comes, I think, from this guy. For the uninitiated the original poem goes like this: One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the skyContinue reading “Footprints … with a Jedi spin”

South Park censored after Islamic Militant fears

Southpark creators Matt Stone (no connection to me or this blog, just the same name) and Trey Parker have sparked religious controversy again with an episode featuring the Islamic prophet Mohammed. “LOS ANGELES: In its 200 shows, the irreverent animated program South Park has mercilessly satirised Christianity, Buddhism, Scientology, the blind and disabled, gay people, HollywoodContinue reading “South Park censored after Islamic Militant fears”

Dumbledorism? Taking Fiction at Faith Value

My mate Simeon flicked me this article this afternoon: Struggling in life? Get guidance from Albus Dumbledore. Yes, that’s right, once again we find fiction is inspiring a new faith, only this time the emerging canon is the Harry Potter series. The above article introduces us to Slack, a self declared Harry Potter rabbi. According toContinue reading “Dumbledorism? Taking Fiction at Faith Value”

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons

In the news yesterday: “The Italian Catholic church has refused to let a new movie based on a Dan Brown novel be filmed in churches in Rome after the author’s The Da Vinci Code novel and film outraged the Vatican.” Now the question of course is should the Vatican feel obliged to open its doorsContinue reading “Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons”

Harry Potter and the Christian Allegory

I thought this post on Harry Potter, from popular Pagan blogger Jason Pitzl-Waters, was worth quoting in full: Just before the final Harry Potter novel arrived in stores, I made my one and only prediction concerning the novel. “My own (spoiler-free) prediction? I think there is a very good chance Rowling will reveal the seriesContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Christian Allegory”