Gathering the AA Way

Christianity Today has published a fantastic article on AA and transformative small groups. There is so much thought provoking content here. Here are just a few quotes I am taking away from it. “AA has what the contemporary church, or at least a large portion of the contemporary evangelical church, seems to lack: a clearContinue reading “Gathering the AA Way”

Winter solstice with East Midlands Forest Church

East Midlands Forest Church have graciously allowed me to share these reflections from a Winter Solstice Ceremony they ran some years ago. I am choosing to publish it now in June, as while they are now approaching midsummer in the UK, we are approach midwinter here in Australia so it’s now that it’s more seasonallyContinue reading “Winter solstice with East Midlands Forest Church”

Tony Jones Reports from Black Stump in Australia

I just spotted that Tony Jones uploaded a video onto Emergent Village from the Black Stump Festival that is currently underway down here in Sydney. It was curious in a way, overhearing the observations of others about us. Helpful too. Tony notes that Australia is very similar to America in many ways, except when we sayContinue reading “Tony Jones Reports from Black Stump in Australia”

Tony Jones at Black Stump in 2008

BTW, Tony Jones, the national coordinator of Emergent Village, contacted me the other week to advise he will be speaking at the Black Stump Festival in 2008. Interested? I forgot to mention this with all my business but you can see he has now published this in his speaking schedule which you can check outContinue reading “Tony Jones at Black Stump in 2008”

Black Stump: Postscript

Well, I had a blast at Black Stump this year. Didn’t see half of what I originally intended to see on Saturday as I kept getting immersed in spirited conversations and lost track of time. Actually, in retrospect that’s probably a big reason why I enjoyed it. Good conversations are always a highlight for me.Continue reading “Black Stump: Postscript”

Anything Goes: update

Well Anything Goes seems set to enter its third incarnation. As I mentioned previously I have been contemplating changing the gathering format to make the conversations more accessible to irregular visitors and also to engaging conversation partners from beyond our core group. I met up with Jenny last night and we now seem to haveContinue reading “Anything Goes: update”

Dave Tomlinson at Converse

Dave Tomlinson, author of Post-Evangelical, dropped in to Converse last Wednesday evening. He’s out in Australia for the Black Stump festival this weekend, so Mike Frost and co. lined him up to join the conversers for an update on where he’s at. Working as a vicar for the Church of England it turns out. HeContinue reading “Dave Tomlinson at Converse”