Is patriarchy essential to Christianity?

No, patriarchy is not essential to Christianity. While some interpretations of Christianity have traditionally emphasized male leadership and dominance over women, there is nothing inherent in Christian doctrine that requires or condones patriarchy. In fact, there are many examples of women playing important roles in the Bible and in Christian history. For instance, Mary, theContinue reading “Is patriarchy essential to Christianity?”

A most Motherly Father

Although YHWH is never directly addressed as Mother in the Bible, YHWH is certainly presented as a most MOTHERLY Father on quite a few occasions (e.g. Isa 42:14, Isa 49:14–15, and Isa 66:12–13). We should never be misled into thinking God has anything less than the full complement of feminine and masculine attributes. After all,Continue reading “A most Motherly Father”

Divinity and Gender in Christianity

I’d just like to float a few thoughts here related to divinity and gender in Christianity. Whilst I would affirm that God transcends gender, and assert such a view is completely biblical, based on texts like Genesis 1:27 and others, there’s no denying that the bible uses masculine metaphors for God more often than feminineContinue reading “Divinity and Gender in Christianity”

The Lady chosen by our Lord

I have been considering the ways in which Christianity can legitimately be said to have both a Lady and a Lord. The Second Epistle of John opens with an address to “To the lady chosen by God and to her children, whom I love in the truth”. From the context it would seem that theContinue reading “The Lady chosen by our Lord”

Is this taking penis worship a bit too far?

If you think Christianity is too patriarchal by far, consider the heights to which these Bhutanese Bhuddists have taken it. For them, images of the phallus are an essential aspect of traditional ceremony. They were introduced the 15th-century Buddhist teacher, Drukpa Kunley, who’s unconventional Tantric teachings made a deep impression on the Bhutanese. Curiously, the sexualContinue reading “Is this taking penis worship a bit too far?”

The NIV gender bender

Seems like the gender inclusive language debate is on for young and old again with the announcement that the TNIV is to be discontinued and that a new version NIV is scheduled for 2011. Personally I think this is one conversation where the old maxim of God giving us two ears and one mouth, toContinue reading “The NIV gender bender”