Genesis from a Jungian perspective

I find it interesting to explore the Genesis story of Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden from a Jungian perspective. I know Gnostics will have a different take on this, and indeed prefer alternative versions of the story, but here I present an orthodox Christian interpretation. The two trees in the garden of … Continue reading Genesis from a Jungian perspective

How is Gnosticism different from orthodox Christianity?

A key difference between orthodox Christianity and Gnosticism is that Christianity has traditionally affirmed that the God of Israel and the Father of Jesus are one and the same, whereas Gnosticism has traditionally asserted that the two are different beings altogether, envisioning YHWH as a self-deluded Demiurge who sits well below the Father in the … Continue reading How is Gnosticism different from orthodox Christianity?

Knowledge Is Not Sin

A common accusation made by critics against orthodox Christians is that Christians equate knowledge with sin. For example, in The Gnostic Bible, the editor Marvin Meyer writes of "the fundamental biblical notion that knowledge is sin." But is this notion as biblical as Gnostics assert? No, if fact such proclamations represent a fundamental misunderstanding of the … Continue reading Knowledge Is Not Sin

Gnosticism and Christianity

This evening I find myself mulling over the future of Gnosticism. Haven't heard many noises from that scene lately, not since the publishing of The Gospel of Judas by the National Geographic Society back in 2006, and Google Trends shows a downward slide ever since. Could it be that Gnosticism, after a decade or so in the … Continue reading Gnosticism and Christianity

Non-Gnostic Mysticism

Many people who are frustrated with orthodox Christianity, at least in the form they're familiar with, turn to Gnosticism as a way of seekingout deeper spiritual experience. And when they do this, they often speak of the shift in polarised terms, as a turning from exotericism to esotericism, from institutionalism to inner life, from religion to … Continue reading Non-Gnostic Mysticism

Tom Wright on Gnosticism

Tom Wright speaks on Gnosticism, Christianity and the differences between them. Which one was more world affirming? Which one was more politically subversive? Related articles on Gnosicism Deconstructing Jesus: Gnostic Myth and the End of Revelation Am I a Gnostic? Gnosticism versus Christian Mysticism Tacey on Spirituality Is the God of the Old Testament Christian?

The Ophite Diagrams

Lately I have been exploring connections between the Ophite diagrams and Revelation 4. There seems to be a way in which the vision of Revelation 4 could be interpreted in a mandala-like fashion, of concentric circles radiating out from the throne of God, with revelations within revelations flowing from the initial revelation of the scroll, holding … Continue reading The Ophite Diagrams

Deconstructing Jesus: Gnostic Myth and the End of Revelation

One of the ironies of contemporary spirituality is surely the popularity of the Gnostic gospels amongst those seeking a more human, down to earth Jesus, for the Jesus of the Gnostics is far more alien and inhuman than the Jesus of the New Testament. Do I exaggerate? Consider this flashback episode from The Acts of … Continue reading Deconstructing Jesus: Gnostic Myth and the End of Revelation

Ascension and Ascended Masters

One of the shifts that has been interesting to observe over the last decade has been the morphing of "New Age" millennialism into "Ascension" spirituality. As the millennium came and went without a Nuclear holocaust (but with the emergence of franchised terrorism instead) and as the post-modern paradigm shift washed over us without worldwide religious … Continue reading Ascension and Ascended Masters