Why was God so intolerant of Canaanite religion?

Given the value our culture places on religious tolerance it can be very difficult for us to accept the intolerance we find attributed to God in the Old Testament. Why was God so negative towards Canaanite religion back in ancient times? Why did he forbid Israelites to mix with it? Why did he pass theContinue reading “Why was God so intolerant of Canaanite religion?”

The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue

Is YHWH unbalanced without a wife? I recently had a conversation with a number of Pagans and Christians that was very helpful for me in crystalizing my thinking on gender and God and why Pagans and Christians often end up talking past each other on God and gender issues. I now think a significant pieceContinue reading “The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue”

Christian Art | The Face of God

I was doing some research on Christian mysticism this evening at Morling College (yes, it had nothing to do with the Christian counselling course I am officially there for) when I came across  a wonderfully illustrated book by Ursula King entitled, “Christian Mystics: The Spiritual Heart of the Christian Tradition.” In it I came acrossContinue reading “Christian Art | The Face of God”