Is divination so different from prophecy?

Having answered a query earlier this week regarding linguistic connections between divination and divine [yes, divination stems from Old French divinare, which literally means “to be inspired by a god”] my mind has turned to the Hebrew words commonly translated as divination. Are such translations adequate? It seems there are a number of different HebrewContinue reading “Is divination so different from prophecy?”

Balaam and his animal guide

Talk of animal guides is common enough in Pagan traditions, especially Shamanism, but not so much within Christianity or Judaism.  Nevertheless, the story of Balaam and his donkey, found within the Old Testament book of Numbers, provides a striking example of the will of the Creator being communicated to humanity through a creature. Perhaps there’s something weContinue reading “Balaam and his animal guide”

Guidance for encounters with God … and other stuff

In his book, Understanding Folk Religion, Paul Hiebert speaks of the need for a theology of discernment when encountering new religious movements, both Christian and non-Christian. Noting that healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues, and other extraordinary experiences are reported in many religions, Hiebert cautions “People seek signs to assure them that God is present, butContinue reading “Guidance for encounters with God … and other stuff”