St Michael the archangel as a samurai

Well here is an curious mix of traditions. I am not sure who the artist is but I believe the work is entitled “St Michael the archangel as a samurai.” Now, I would have thought if you were going to invoke samurai motifs a more asian looking dragon would not have gone astray. Except thatContinue reading “St Michael the archangel as a samurai”

Sumi-E Cross

“Sumie Cross” by Isaac Eiranae Fowler Isaac writes: “It’s a ink wash paiting, known as shui-mo hua (水墨畫) in Chinese, sumi-e (墨絵) or suibokuga (水墨画?) in Japanese, sumukhwa (수묵화) in Korean, and tranh thuỷ mặc (幀水墨) in Vietnamese.” I would like to try this style myself. It appeals to my Zen influenced Christian sensabilities.

Japanese interpretation of Christ healing the blind

Is it obvious I am into Asian Christian art? This painting, “Christ Healing the Blind”, is from contemporary Japanese artist Sadao Watanabe. It is explained as follows: “Christ gently places two fingers on the Blind Man’s eye in blessing, their faces closely aligned. White cloud-like forms emanate like thoughts to guide the healing, the large ‘cloud’ echoing Christ’s floatingContinue reading “Japanese interpretation of Christ healing the blind”