Christmas Meditations

Well, Christmas is almost upon us and Ive been turning my meditation practice towards some of the primary symbols of the Christmas story – the magi who followed the star and the shepherds who heard the call of angels. All to often we view these symbols from what is technically called a descending Christological perspective,Continue reading “Christmas Meditations”

The Christ of the Emergent Church

Alvin Kimel writes: By chance I ran across today the Emergent Church site Open Source Theology, and guess what its latest article is about: Is Jesus God? The author happens to think that a correct answer is “yes and no.” Yes and no? What kind of an answer is that? Yes, I’m well aware asContinue reading “The Christ of the Emergent Church”

Conspiracy Thrillers

Have you noticed that Dan Brown has attracted a hoard of imitators in the wake of the runaway success of the DaVinci Code? The Omega Scroll is the latest I’ve come across but for a comprehensive list of anti-church conspiracy thriller novels why not check out the Speculative Catholic. I particularly liked his last one:Continue reading “Conspiracy Thrillers”

Magic and the Messiah

I thought I’d jot down a few verses I’m meditating on at the moment. Mark 6:13– Jesus anoints the sick Mark 3:20– Jesus accused of being out of his mind Mark 7:31– Jesus used fingers in ears and spit on tongue to heal Mark 8:23– Jesus uses spit on eyes to heal blindness Mark 11:22–Continue reading “Magic and the Messiah”