Jesus and the Old Testament

Below is a graphic representation of the number of times Jesus quotes the Old Testament in the New Testament. There are some interesting patterns here. Firstly, note how the the Gospel of Matthew is the most quote heavy of the four all and that there's considerable focus on the Torah, the first five books of … Continue reading Jesus and the Old Testament

Reflections on Druidic Christology

In his Reflections on Druidic Christology, Rev. Alistair Bate comments that, "As an example of orthodox Christology finding its way into Druidic ceremonial I would like to consider the benediction at the end of the traditional (O.B.O.D.) ritual for Imbolc; 'May the blessing of the Uncreated One, of the Created Word and of the Spirit that … Continue reading Reflections on Druidic Christology

Christocentric Prayer – James A. Fowler

Christocentric Prayer A study of the Biblical bases of prayer. ©1999 by James A. Fowler. All rights reserved. You are free to download this article provided it remains intact without alteration. You are also free to transmit this article and quote this article provided that proper citation of authorship is included. Christian people have long … Continue reading Christocentric Prayer – James A. Fowler

Incarnational Christology – N T Wright

One God, One Lord, One People: Incarnational Christology for a Church in a Pagan Environment - N.T. Wright I. INTRODUCTION My aim in this paper is to examine a theme and context which is often marginalized but which, arguably, stands as close as any other to the heart of Paul’s theology. I refer to the … Continue reading Incarnational Christology – N T Wright

Political divisions within the church

I have been giving a lot of consideration lately to the political divisions within the church and it has got me wondering if the Christological heresies of the past haven’t disappeared so much as taken on new guises. Conservatives show some distinct Docetic and Apollinarian tendencies at times. They can be much stronger on the … Continue reading Political divisions within the church

The alabaster jar of our lives

In the Gospel of Luke the following story is told, “A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with … Continue reading The alabaster jar of our lives