Explaining the Canon

Yesterday I had to explain to my sons the difference between the Star Wars canon (Episodes 1-6) and the Star Wars apocrypha (the Clone Wars cartoons, the various spinoff novels, and the Youtube fandom movies). Watching the Clone Wars they kept asking, "Is this Episode 7?" No, no, it lacks the authority of the New … Continue reading Explaining the Canon

New theory on date of Last Supper

Finally an Easter publicity stunt I actually find interesting. In a new book, The Mystery of the Last Supper, physicist Sir Colin Humphrey argues that the last supper occurred on Wednesday, April 1, AD33, rather than on a Thursday. He's suggesting that Jesus celebrated the Passover early using a pre-exilic calendar, dating from before the Jewish exile to Babylon, … Continue reading New theory on date of Last Supper

Last Supper at Sea

Supper at Sea by ATLbladerunner The artist writes: "This, my dearies, is my takeoff on Leonardo's Last Supper. All of the characters are from the Thimble Theater strip by E.C. Segar, which later became just the Popeye comic strip. I tried to keep most of the characters in the same positions as the apostles are … Continue reading Last Supper at Sea

The Last Supper, Eastern Style

"The Last Supper" by Tigermyuou The artist writes: "I created my painting as Eastern style. (Thai and Persia Art) It' have many symbolic more than old artists. I design Jesus standing post with cub's grave wind, he is standing on the dove and graves carpet. It's mean to the human and God will together but … Continue reading The Last Supper, Eastern Style

The Last Supper on the Dark Side

"The Last Supper" by dr-thor-von-faust. The artist writes: "my murky satire on the last supper; alternate title "She was always too busy to sit next to me". People from left to right: Frederich Nietze, Dr. Sigmund Freud, Salvador Dali, Anton LaVey, Christoph Wilke, Mark Ryden, Dr. Thor Von Faust, ATOM!, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, Joe Coleman, … Continue reading The Last Supper on the Dark Side