Should Christians vote for the Greens?

In the last two weeks I’ve head a lot of viral propaganda against the Greens, suggesting they’re intrinsically unChristian. Personally, while I agree some of their policies are of concern, they have many policies I agree with, especially on the environmental front. I blanched at the conservative line that “many parties now have sound environmentalContinue reading “Should Christians vote for the Greens?”

Vilification Sentencing in Melbourne

Duncan McLeod had been blogging about the recent sentencing of two ministers from“Catch The Fire Ministries” for religious vilification against Muslims. He says: I’m reading a number of Christian bloggers bemoaning the threat to free speech, claiming they’ll no longer be able to proclaim the truth in their churches. There’s a fear that the anti-vilificationContinue reading “Vilification Sentencing in Melbourne”