Is there anything more supernatural than love?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “supernatural”? Miraces? Angels? I have to confess that don’t particularly like the S-word, as it sounds a lot more at home in the world of Plato than it does in the world of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I find this becomes particularly problematic when it comesContinue reading “Is there anything more supernatural than love?”

Thomas Merton on a Theology of Love

“A theology of love cannot afford to be sentimental. It cannot afford to preach edifying generalities about charity, while identifying “peace” with mere established power and legalized violence against the oppressed. A theology of love cannot be allowed to merely serve the interests of the rich and powerful, justifying their wars, their violence and theirContinue reading “Thomas Merton on a Theology of Love”

Moses or Jesus?

Sometimes, when comparing the New Testament with the Old Testament, it is said that the God of the Old Testament is about wrath and judgement but the God of the New Testament is one of grace and love. Personally I find this way too simplistic. Not that I don’t see a significant difference between theContinue reading “Moses or Jesus?”

Justice is what love looks like in public

Have any of you seen the movie Call and Response yet? If not, I highly recommend it, having just watched it earlier this evening. Call and Response is a “rockumentary” highlighting the prevalent but often ignored problems of human trafficking and slavery. If you think it doesn’t effect you, look deep before you get dressed and have your nextContinue reading “Justice is what love looks like in public”