Brian McLaren in Sydney this October

I can’t keep up with it all this week. I started the evening with swapping some messages with Tom and Christine Sine about their visit to Sydney in October. Then I got to Nic Paton’s message about his new Sout project with Brian McLaren. Then I get a message from Lucy about a creative missional gathering she is organizing forContinue reading “Brian McLaren in Sydney this October”

A Conversation With Brian McLaren: Postscript

Well I made it to the Converse / Forge conference on Saturday to hear Brian McLaren speak at the Ryde-Eastwood Rugby Club and thought I’d post some miscellaneous musings. Beware that the mismash of thoughts that follow is a memory prompt for me more than anything else. If you have questions on any specifics feelContinue reading “A Conversation With Brian McLaren: Postscript”