Wandering thoughts in prayer

When you tackle the subject of meditation and prayer, inevitably the issue of wandering thoughts comes up. It’s helpful to note that even quite famous contemplatives struggled with this issue. Following is an extract from Brother Lawrence’s, “Practicing the Presence of God”. Eighth Letter: You tell me nothing new. You are not the only oneContinue reading “Wandering thoughts in prayer”

Love – the true sign of meditation mastery

When you hear the word meditation, what comes to mind? Is it the saffron robed guru from India or the monk from Tibet? Is it the scantily clad supermodel sitting in a lotus position on a beach? Is it a medieval hermit sitting on top of a mountain? Maybe a young Wiccan sitting in aContinue reading “Love – the true sign of meditation mastery”

Proverbs 3 Meditation

I thought I’d a share a short meditation based Proverbs 3. It involves focussing on the following passage, and Jesus who is its ultimate focus, while you breath deeply. (Breath in)  Trust in the Lord with all your heart (Breath out) And lean not on your own understanding (Breath in)  In all your ways acknowledgeContinue reading “Proverbs 3 Meditation”

The Inner Experience of Thomas Merton

I finally managed to purchase a copy of Thomas Merton’s The Inner Experience. I first spotted it at a bookshop in Leura a few weeks ago but only had enough to buy a copy of his Dialogues with Silence. Didn’t see it again till I dropped into Adyar last week. What drew my attention isContinue reading “The Inner Experience of Thomas Merton”

Digging deep – meditating on growth and unity

Feeling a bit down and drained this morning, I drove out to Lake Parramatta for some walking and reflection. It takes about an hour to do a circuit of the lake through the surrounding bushland and its an oasis of peace in an otherwise busy city. It’s becoming one of my favourite spots for aContinue reading “Digging deep – meditating on growth and unity”