Jesus Conspiracy – Part II

The 2008 Jesus conspiracy has finally emerged! You may recall me expressed disappointment last week (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) that the usual Easter cash in was conspicuously absent this year. Well, you need wait no longer. A reader just alerted me to this new movie, Bloodline. You can view the trailer at reading “Jesus Conspiracy – Part II”

LaVey on Satanism

Being the incorrigible stirrer that I am I though it was about time for some Satanic videos. See Church of Satan  LaVey on Satanism  Antony LaVey performing marriage Why in hell are you publishing Satanic videos on your blog you might ask? Good question! Because I want to promote the keeping of the ten commandments,Continue reading “LaVey on Satanism”

Conspiracy Thrillers

Have you noticed that Dan Brown has attracted a hoard of imitators in the wake of the runaway success of the DaVinci Code? The Omega Scroll is the latest I’ve come across but for a comprehensive list of anti-church conspiracy thriller novels why not check out the Speculative Catholic. I particularly liked his last one:Continue reading “Conspiracy Thrillers”