The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism

This afternoon I had an interesting conversation with a good friend about “The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism”, an anthology of Christian mysticism that has been fascinating him for some time now. Reading the introduction I think I am now hooked too. Unlike some books on Christian mysticism, this book acknowledges that life transformation isContinue reading “The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism”

Bridal Mysticism Gone Too Far

Earlier this week I spoke of the hazards of drawing on sacred marriage symbolism carelessly, particularly in the conversations between Pagans and Christians. At one point I stated, “God as husband has great explanatory value in a patriarchal culture, where vertical understandings of marital relationships are taken for granted. God as husband is an utterlyContinue reading “Bridal Mysticism Gone Too Far”

Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

I came across an interdisciplinary seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism which could prove to be interesting. It links to heaps of resources including previously published and unpublished scholarly articles, electronic publications, lectures, reviews and critical responses to these materials. I haven’t had time to digest it all yet though. If youContinue reading “Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism”

The Inner Experience of Thomas Merton

I finally managed to purchase a copy of Thomas Merton’s The Inner Experience. I first spotted it at a bookshop in Leura a few weeks ago but only had enough to buy a copy of his Dialogues with Silence. Didn’t see it again till I dropped into Adyar last week. What drew my attention isContinue reading “The Inner Experience of Thomas Merton”