Abbaye de Keur Moussa

Abbaye de Keur Moussa, near Dakar, Senegal, is a Benedictine monastery of the Solesmes Congregation. Founded in 1961, the monastery became an abbey in 1984. The Keur Moussa abbey church fresco, samples of which I have included above, was designed and painted in 1963 by Dom Georges Saget. Stories illustrated here include: the annunciation, theContinue reading “Abbaye de Keur Moussa”

Aboriginal Christian Art from Western Australia

This picture comes from Western Australia, courtesy of a friend of mine. He writes: “Hi Matt, Was thinking of you. We were in W.A 2 weeks ago and went to New Norcia.  Was profoundly impressed in that in the 19thc they genuinely respected the Aboriginals and genuinely tried to incarnate the Gospel to them. TheContinue reading “Aboriginal Christian Art from Western Australia”

Chinese Christian Art: Arriving at Bethlehem

As we approach Christmas I find myself drawn once again to the way Christmas scenes have been depicted across different cultures. This image, from an unknown Chinese artist, depicts Joseph and the heavily pregnant Mary arriving at Bethlehem, looking for some overnight accomodation but not having much luck. I find myself reflecting, with the party seasonContinue reading “Chinese Christian Art: Arriving at Bethlehem”