The morning that Death was killed by Steve Turner

The morning that Death was killed I woke in a place that was dark The air was spicy and still I was bandaged from head to foot The morning that death was killed. I rose from a mattress of stone I folded my clothes on the sill I heard the door rolling open The morningContinue reading “The morning that Death was killed by Steve Turner”

Holy Thursday by William Blake

Songs of Experience: Holy Thursday Is this a holy thing to see, In a rich and fruitful land, Babes reduced to misery, Fed with cold and usurous hand? Is that trembling cry a song! Can it be a song of joy? And so many children poor, It is a land of poverty! And their sunContinue reading “Holy Thursday by William Blake”

If Jesus was born today by Steve Turner

If Jesus was born today If Jesus was born today it would be in a downtown motel marked by a helicopter’s flashing bulb. A traffic warden, working late, would be the first upon the scene. Later, at the expense of a TV network, an eminent sociologist, the host of a chat show and a controversialContinue reading “If Jesus was born today by Steve Turner”

Eternal Trinity by Catherine of Siena

Eternal Trinity, Godhead, mystery deep as the sea, you could give me no greater gift than the gift of yourself. For you are a fire ever burning and never consumed, which itself consumes all the selfish love that fills my being. Yes, you are a fire that takes away the coldness, illuminates the mind withContinue reading “Eternal Trinity by Catherine of Siena”

Mystical Poetry by Hildegard of Bingen

God’s Word is in all creation No creature has meaning without the Word of God. God’s Word is in all creation, visible and invisible. The Word is living, being, spirit, all verdant all creativity. This Word flashes out in every creature. This is how the spirit is in the flesh – the Word is indivisibleContinue reading “Mystical Poetry by Hildegard of Bingen”