Jesus in the Eyes of the Sufis

I love this poem by Rumi, the Sufi mystic: I called through your door, “The mystics are gathering in the street. Come out!” “Leave me alone. I’m sick.” “I don’t care if you’re dead! Jesus is here, and he wants to resurrect somebody!” Although there are significant differences between Muslim and Christian perspectives of Christ,Continue reading “Jesus in the Eyes of the Sufis”

Aussie Christmas Haikus

Here’s a few haikus I penned over the break… Bring the children unto me Summer Christmas cheer Drinks around the BBQ Water babies laugh Currents of Love Warm ocean enfolds, My body as I dip in. Ah, so refreshing! Set the world ablaze Pentecost moments – In advance of gum tree blaze Ash falls onContinue reading “Aussie Christmas Haikus”

Forgive As The Lord Has Forgiven You

Forgive As The Lord Has Forgiven You (Col 3:13)    Cool showers descend And are quenching all. Rain, Pour; Deign More, Till drought is at end With your drenching fall. Then riverbanks burst With reviving rains. Fill, Rush, Spill, Gush– Turn deserts of thirst Into thriving plains. With pardon outpoured, You have thriven too. Go,Continue reading “Forgive As The Lord Has Forgiven You”

Potent Poetry

I’ve recently been reading Margot Alder’s “Drawing Down the Moon” and was noting again the significant impact of poetry on Pagan spirituality. I think the resurgence of interest in poetry evident in Paganism, the emerging church, and the poetry slam scene is one of those characteristics of postmodernism. I’m finding its a great non-musical expressionContinue reading “Potent Poetry”