Survey shows most Muslims support democracy

It would seem there are a few Muslim stereotypes that need deconstructing. Dinesh D’Souza of Christianity Today writes “Surveys of the world’s Muslims find that most Muslims support democracy and freedom. Indeed, many Muslims complain that they are ruled by Western-supported secular despots who deny people their right to self-government.” Ouch. But there’s more. TheContinue reading “Survey shows most Muslims support democracy”

Is Romans 13 a mandate for militarism?

Romans 13 often comes up in conversations about Christian pacifism. Wherever I question Christian militarism it’s not long before someone says, “Look at what Romans 13 says: Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities.” Now, I must admit, as verses go that seems pretty clear … except that it’s not. You see, there’s aContinue reading “Is Romans 13 a mandate for militarism?”

The Faith of Kim Beazley Senior

Mike Lowe recently commented: Matt, I'm intrigued. A few months back the memoirs of the late Kim Beazley Senior were published (Father of the House, Fremantle Press). Since then the book has had a number of major reviews in the Australian Book Review, the Australian Literary Review, Quadrant etc, almost all of which have majoredContinue reading “The Faith of Kim Beazley Senior”

The only Christian nation is the Kingdom of God

Let’s try some word substitution and see what it stirs up. But if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the Christian nation has come upon you. (Matthew 12:28) I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the Christian nation ahead of you. For John came toContinue reading “The only Christian nation is the Kingdom of God”

We want respect, but on what basis?

This week an English bishop fought back against the intolerance being aimed at Christians by some public bodies. In an open letter he wrote, “Yet in the minds of those charged with implementing such policies, ‘diversity’ apparently means every colour and creed except Christianity, the nominal religion of the white majority; and ‘equality’ seemingly excludesContinue reading “We want respect, but on what basis?”

Abortion, Politics and Christianity

Is abortion the only political issue that should count for Christians as we decide who to vote for in elections? Should the church be a single issue community? Beyond that, what does it mean to be pro-life? I am pro-life, but I ask, is there a broader way of looking at the issue, one thatContinue reading “Abortion, Politics and Christianity”

Australian Elections – How Should I Vote Quiz

GetUp Australia have launched a quiz with a difference this week in advance of the Australian Federal Elections. Not sure who your ideal candidate is? Find out at! Simply type in you post code, answer a few questions, and out comes your own personalised “how to vote” card. Here’s mine: This came with aContinue reading “Australian Elections – How Should I Vote Quiz”