Praying for peace in India

Yesterday, during our Sunday service, we were informed that some of the Indian members of our congregation were requesting prayer for Christians currently suffering persecution at the hands of Hindu extremists in back in India. So today I thought I would check out the situation and here is what I found on CNN: Indian state erupts inContinue reading “Praying for peace in India”

Prayer for the Journey

I am facing some significant career choises this week. My contract finishes, not this Friday but the next, and I have received two job offers that I need to decide between. Waiting for the paperwork to arrive. Feeling anxious. Hoping I am making the right decision for me and the family. Prayers for the journeyContinue reading “Prayer for the Journey”

Sajjadah 1426 – Illuminating Prayer Rug

So, it's not only the Christians who are getting into God gadgets. He's a Muslim one, the Sajjadah 1426 – Illuminating Prayer Rug. Check out the story at CoolHunter. Don't take the source as indicative of my personal opinion though! I'm not sure what to make of it. Oh, and as a PS, CoolHunter isContinue reading “Sajjadah 1426 – Illuminating Prayer Rug”

Blacktown Mosque Open Day 2007

I got a number of hits earlier today from someone searching for information on the Auburn Mosque 2007 open day. For overseas readers, Auburn is a suburb in Western Sydney. This piqued my curiosity as I thought, “Hey I wonder if the annual open day is on again around now?” I haven’t been to oneContinue reading “Blacktown Mosque Open Day 2007”

Personality and Prayer

After mentioning Ignatian-style meditation in my last comment I thought I was worth drawing attention to a website I came across many moons ago that draws links between Myers-Briggs personality types and preferred prayer styles. It is suggested that personality type can be related to stages of Lectio Divina: Reading appeals especially to Sensing-Judging (SJ)Continue reading “Personality and Prayer”

John Cassian on Ecstatic Prayer

I recently came across some interesting reflections on ecstatic / entranced prayer by John Cassian (360-435 AD). “Our mind arrives at that incorruption of power … that is not concerned with considering any image, and indeed is not distinguished by any accompaniment of voice or words, but with the intention of the mind on fire.Continue reading “John Cassian on Ecstatic Prayer”

Wandering thoughts in prayer

When you tackle the subject of meditation and prayer, inevitably the issue of wandering thoughts comes up. It’s helpful to note that even quite famous contemplatives struggled with this issue. Following is an extract from Brother Lawrence’s, “Practicing the Presence of God”. Eighth Letter: You tell me nothing new. You are not the only oneContinue reading “Wandering thoughts in prayer”