A Statement on the Prosperity Gospel

If you equate evangelical Christianity with the prosperity gospel then I highly recommend reading A Statement on the Prosperity Gospel by the Lausanne Theology Working Group. Lausanne is one of the peak bodies for the evangelical movement worldwide. It may surprise you how hard they come down on prosperity preaching.

Timothy Keller on Christ centered preaching

I have become increasingly fond of Tim Keller’s writings over the last twelve months. For a Reformed pastor he has a remarkably Christ centred focus. Here are some comments of his from an article on evangelistic worship, specifically on the practice of preaching.   Preach grace The one message that both believers and unbelievers need toContinue reading “Timothy Keller on Christ centered preaching”

The Inner Poverty of Prosperity Preaching

Even the social gospel, which made sin more of an offense against our fellow humans rather than first and foremost against God, at least recognized it as a failure to give to someone else the love and service that I owe. In the increasingly pervasive message of preachers like Osteen, however, sins become offenses IContinue reading “The Inner Poverty of Prosperity Preaching”

A New Kind of Prosperity Gospel

In an article entitled, A New Kind of Prosperity Gospel, Bruce Epperly writes: “While there is much to affirm about the relationship of positive thinking, visualization, and heart-felt faith with physical, mental, relational, and spiritual well-being, I believe there are serious problems with both the new age/new thought and Pentecostal understandings of spirituality and prosperity.Continue reading “A New Kind of Prosperity Gospel”

Christ-Centered Preaching

A question I’ve begun exploring this evening is: What is Christ-Centered Preaching? Although I don’t preach myself, I do have an interest in Christian communication. So as I’ve been exploring how to write in a more Christ-centred way I’ve become more curious about the public speaking equivalent. One book which drew my attention was “Christ-CenteredContinue reading “Christ-Centered Preaching”