Why did Paul say women should be silent in gatherings?

1 Corinthians 14 is often used as a prooftext against women in Christian leadership, but consider this: Paul does not accuse the women of TEACHING PRESUMPTIVELY, rather, he accuses the women of ENQUIRING DISRUPTIVELY. His desire seems to be for speakers to be able to speak without unnecessary interruption. This is the same concern heContinue reading “Why did Paul say women should be silent in gatherings?”

Ben Witherington on Dispensationalist Deviations

Having critiqued the Calvinists in “The Problem with Evangelical Theology”, Ben Witherington III moves on to another popular Evangelical stream, Dispensationalism. This extract represents what he sees as the most problematic features of Dispensationalist Theology, which I have further highlighted in some areas for emphasis: What may we learn from this lengthy discussion of Romans 9–11? First,Continue reading “Ben Witherington on Dispensationalist Deviations”

Do Oracles Need Testicles?

If you’ve ever read the Old Testament passages about the prophetess Deborah, or the New Testament passages about the prophetess Anna, the answer to that should be a simple: no. What more needs to be said? The passages recount in clear language that God can speak through women, and that when he does the hearersContinue reading “Do Oracles Need Testicles?”